VINODERM Anti-Ageing Firming Serum 30ml


•Innovative solution against loose skin
•Firming Serum with red grape extract, silymarin and hyaluronic acid reinforces epidermis renewal
•Improves and keeps the skin’s elasticity and tonicity
•Apply daily in the evening
•For all skin types

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VINODERM Anti-Ageing Firming Serum 30ml

Returning skin youth

Based on the latest achievements in cosmetology, Anti-ageing series products contain bioactive Silymarin Complex which increases protein level in skin cells, Silymarin Complex smoothes expression wrinkles, tightens up the face contour and returns elasticity and beauty.

The efficacy of Silymarin Complex is clinically proven.
Reduction of brow wrinkles by 24%
Reduction of eye wrinkles by 27%


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