With more than 55 years of history, our Swiss head office is one of the leading suppliers of skin care products, medical products and cosmetics in Switzerland, and a well-known contract manufacturer. At present, five scientific research results and three patent applications have been published, and more than 6000 prescriptions for skin care products and cosmetics have been successfully developed and made. Currently all products are strictly manufactured in compliance with the EU GMP standards, and have obtained a number of ISO certifications, including: ISO9001, ISO2716 and ISO13485, as well as Natrue International Organic Product certification and HALAL Muslin license.
Home-made and contract-manufactured brands are also available around the world (in the blue range below):

AJC is the Asian Pacific sole agent of Swisscode, Vetia Mare and Vinoderm.  We directly import these three award winning Swiss skincare products to Hong Kong and at the same time are  actively expanding the business development in China and other Asia-Pacific regions.  We hope every customer can have a youth sustaining bright skin from inside to outside.

More About Our Brands

I want to know more about Swisscode

Swisscode has two series, Pure and Bionic Stem Cells, all 7+3, a total of ten essences.  The brand’s sales in Europe and the United States sales were satisfactory, it has recorded a high sales of 10,000 bottles of Hyaluron in just 48 hours in 2012.

It is also a must-have for a number of top European and American celebrities, according to local magazines, European and American superstars such as Kiera Knightly, Helen Mirren, Diaz Cameron and Jennifer Aniston are the star-studded users of this brand!

Hyaluron, the brand’s best seller, won the British Daily Express’s Best Essence Award in 2017 and named the Perfect Moisturizer and is the winner of the Women’s Health Award in 2018.  It is the first designated skincare brand in Swiss Air Business too!

You can learn more about Swisscode at our Swisscode brand page: Swisscode 

I want to know more about Vetia Mare
Vetia Mare is the first totally organic marine-based, unstintingly luxurious skincare.  It is an advanced cosmeceutic line inspired by Derma Oceanic Science.  It has been certified by Natrue , an international non-profit organization whose sole mission is to safeguard and promote the highest standards of natural skincare.  It is also the winner of the Spa Diamond and Reddot Awards.

It contains the best concentrations of natural marine organic compositions such as jellyfish, micro- and macro-algae and gorgonian corals for hydration, regeneration, and protection of the human skin. Even the water used in the formulas is rich in natural minerals.  Therefore, it is definitely suitable for high-consumption customers who seek out for luxe organic skin care products!

You can learn more about Vetia Mare at our Vetia Mare brand page: Vetia Mare

I want to know more about Vinoderm

Vinoderm is the top 10 best-selling brand in UAE pharmacies.  It has a total of five series, including whitening, anti-aging, cleansing, essential  and protection.  It provides all-rounded rejuvenation, regeneration and activation of the skin’s regeneration capacity. All the products are rich in high-quality red grape Pinot Noir, grown in Valais, at the bottom of the Swiss Alps. The unique Viniferol’s formula, derived from the extracts of grape seeds, has powerful antioxidant properties that can neutralize free radicals, slows down the process of aging and provides all skin layers with a long lasting antioxidant protection.  Particular complexes of ingredients individually combined for each product make Vinoderm exclusive in its properties and structure.

You can learn more about Vinoderm at our Vinoderm brand page: Vinoderm

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