Vinoderm is a well-known Swiss brand developed by Skin Concept Ltd.

All Vinoderm products are based on Pinot Noir, elite red grape growing
at the canton of Valais, at the bottom of the Swiss Alps.

Particular complexes of ingredients individually combined for each
product make Vinoderm exclusive in its properties and structure.

The formula of Viniferol, unique ingredient extracted from grape seeds,
is specific in its antioxidant properties: it neutralizes free radicals, slows
down the process of ageing and provides all skin layers with a
long-lasting antioxidant protection. Combined with other natural
antioxidants it gives a maximum effect preserving the skin’s youth.
Even in the ancient times grapes were considered a source of youth and
beauty. But only today their unique properties can be truly revealed
due to innovative development of Swiss experts.

All products are HALAL certified.


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