SWISSCODE Bionic Stem Cell Age Control 30ml


•Counteracts skin ageing by reducing collagen loss, increasing compactness and elasticity
•Powerful anti-oxidant activity
•Moisturises, smoothes and softens the skin
•Protects against sun-related skin ageing

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SWISSCODE Bionic Stem Cell Age Control 30ml

High concentrations of active ingredients act in harmony to stimulate cell regeneration, refine the skin’s structure and visibly diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Key elements that contribute their de-aging attributes are stem-cell derivatives of Leontopodium alpinum (Edelweiss), which has excellent antioxidant activity in addition to maintaining optimum moisture and collagen levels, and Gardenia jaminoides, which stimulates the synthesis of collagen and helps prevent its degradation.


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