SWISSCODE Hydro Facial Spray 100ml


•Non-greasy and lightly perfumed, with a Natural Sun Protection factor to counteract skin pro-ageing UV-light effects
•The Papaya & Zeolite Facespray is easy and convenient to apply.
• Suitable for normal to sensitive skins.

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SWISSCODE Hydro Facial Spray 100ml

Face & Eyelid Waterspray with toning, plumping, replenishing, skin microbiota protecting, and immune-boosting properties. The tropical fruit natural fermentation technology enhances skin microbiota protection and optimizes the epidermal barrier lipid composition. The zeolite purifying particles sinergyze the plant-lipid and plant-cell actives, obtained with the most advanced environmental-friendly biotechnologies. These high-value ingredients are delivered to the skin with enhanced efficacy guaranteed by the unique detoxifying properties of a last-generation light water, purified from pro-aging heavy isotopes.


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